How can I improve my earnings?

TwinRed wants you to get the best possible earnings! We collected some recommendations that should help you improve your revenue and make the best out of every impression coming from your website.

Zone / Ad types 


 One of the most popular zones added in our network. 

  • Please remember to enable the ‘Native Compete’ option for your banner spot. By doing it you can double your chances to scale up the revenue as this option gives you opportunity to display either a native ad or classic banner based on which has better rate.



  • If you want to get better results with banners, make sure to create a banner per ad spot so it is easier for our advertisers to know where every banner is located on your site hence the eCPM per spot can be higher.
  • Optimize your zone – make sure you are using the specific media size per spot/ per device we recommend using for example – Mobile Header – size 300×100, NTV A – 300×250:


If you decide to run a native spot separately (not a classic banner) make sure you are using 2 different tags. 

Pop-under (Leave Behind)

One of the ad formats with the highest demand. Zone settings will give you a lot of options to make sure the ad is displayed in the way you want. 

  • Make sure you are optimizing the zone settings and setting a low frequency capping: recommended FC is 1 ad per 24 hours / 1 ad per 12 hours – thanks to that you will make sure that you provide the best user experience on your site.


Pre – roll 

It is a must-have ad zone if you want to increase your revenues.

Please remember about following:

  • Video Ad skip offset: We strongly recommend showing the skip button after minimum 5 seconds.


  • Frequency capping: We recommend 1 x 24h / 1 x12h / 1x6h. Please note that increased frequency capping could lower the conversion rate.



Full page ad – fully Google Compliant which can be displayed on each browser and device. However, it can also be a replacement if you decided not to run popunders on Chrome. 

  • If you decided not to run popunders on Chrome, this will be a great alternative and opportunity of replacing your revenue.
  • The zone can be set up and displayed as you want, you can set up the CSS selectors and trigger/ not trigger the ad on certain selectors or decide on which page the ad should be displayed. 


  • Make sure that the Full-Page Interstitial zone fits to your site. You can change the background into the transparent dark/white and also customize the labels for ‘Continue to Site’ and ‘Skip This Ad’ links.



Analyze your statistics on our dashboard

Choose the Advanced Report on your panel and select the dimensions you would like to use to run the check of the performance of your traffic/site/zone.


Thank to the analysis you will be able to check and later on optimize the zones by making additional changes.



Please contact your personal account manager (details on the top right of your TwinRed dashboard) or for further tips and tricks on increasing you revenues.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you personally. Contact us via the following contact form .


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