How can I whitelist / blacklist traffic sources?

Site Targeting allows you to review all available sites that are eligible for your placement, and block/allow sites as needed.

We recommend buying across all sites (RON) for new placements to determine what the right sources are for you.  

You have the option to allow or block traffic sources on 3 different level:

  1. At Campaign level under “Campaign > Campaign Site Targeting in your portal
  2. At Placement level under Campaign > Placement > Your Bid and Zones in your portal
  3. At Account level under “Campaign > Advertiser Site Targeting” in your portal.

Using the option 1. Campaign level to target or block traffic sources, it gives you the flexibility to control the sites you want to run across for all the placements of a specific campaign. If a site is blocked on this level, all placements will respect the setting defined on campaign level and will not run on the site(s) selected. 

Using the option 2. Placement Level has the same targeting control but would only be applicable for the specific placements within your campaign.

The plus (+) icon next to a site indicates that the site may have multiple domains that are available for targeting. Domains sources become available for targeting after registering significant volume. New domain sources will become available as they reach the threshold.

You can also do the same for the whole account using option 3. Advertiser Site Targetingallows you to whitelist\black the sites you want across all campaigns for this account. If a site is blocked on this level, all campaigns and placements will respect this setting and not run on the site(s). 

*TIP* Do you like your site configuration and want to copy the setup to a different placement? Simply select the “Copy Site List” link to copy the configuration information to your clipboard. The copied information can then be pasted in the filter box on the site column on additional placements to update your list as needed! 

Please note that when you blacklist / whitelist you need to choose whether your campaign / placement will target new sites added to our inventory by selecting “New Sites are Allowed / Blocked”. We recommend always allowing new sites so that you’re constantly testing the newest additions. If however you’d like to target only a specific whitelist, ensure you choose “New Sites are Blocked”. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your Account Manager (your AM details are available in your portal) or email our support team at

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