How does behavioural retargeting work?

Behavioural Retargeting is the best way to give users a final push to complete a purchase, and at TwinRed it is very easy to use!

How does it work? 

Your Account Manager will provide you with a retargeting pixel at no extra cost, that you can strategically place on your landing page, or at any step in your funnel depending on your retargeting strategy. 


This pixel will track those users who perform a specific behaviour by setting a cookie on their browser. You can target many different behaviours, but one of the most commons ones is tracking “Cart Abandoners” – users that start the action but do not complete the purchase.

Our retargeting feature works via 2 pixels, one to mark the start of the behaviour you want to capture and one that marks the end of this behaviour – the users who are cookied in between will be collected and available for you to target or exclude from your targeting. Our pixels are available in 3 formats – image, script, iframe – depending on which is more convenient for you. 


Then your account manager can help you create a retargeting campaign, which will include this pixel as the target option, and this will allow you to show your ads to those users who have previously engaged with your offer. You can also exclude a specific audience segment, such as users who have already converted, in order to make your campaign more targeted towards your relevant audience. 


Please, refer to your Account Manager to configure your pixel as well as coming up with strategies on where to place the pixel and setting up the campaign.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you personally. Contact us via the following contact form .


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