TwinRed is a leading service provider in the digital advertising sector, offering both self-service and openRTB capabilities to its clients. Its proprietary platform was developed over a decade by Double Impact, allowing clients to have full access to a vast marketplace and an array of advanced optimization features.

Advertisers can bid on online advertising spaces in a real-time, auction-based marketplace and optimize their campaigns easily via multiple targeting features.

Publishers are able to monetize their traffic effectively and safely, using TwinRed’s advanced publisher features such as the private RTB marketplace, and full price and media control.

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Ad Formats

Full Page Interstitials

Full Page Interstitials are full-screen ads that cover the interface of the website and are 100% Google-compliant alternative to popunder.

Full Page Interstitials

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are sent across all devices to users which subscribed to a publisher´s website even when they are not browsing on the internet.

Native Ads

Native Ads integrate seamlessly with the websites content within a fully customizable widget.

Display Ads

We provide standard sized banners in all variations as well as additional formats such as floating banners or interstitials.

Popunders / Leave Behind

Non-intrusive full-page ads that only become visible after the user consumed the content.

Video Pre-Rolls

In-stream video clips that automatically play when the user clicks on the websites video content.

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