7 Tips on How to Snowball the Impact of Pre-Rolls

TwinRed: Affiliate marketing with pre-rolls — how to improve video ads impact

How to perfect your video ads for greater conversion.

The combination of audio, visual, and casual text gives video advertising an edge. A multisensory approach to pulling a user through the funnel and to a conversion is highly effective, but the sheer number of communication channels is not necessarily a shoe-in. For the ad to return the best results, you need both quantity and quality. The video format assures the channels are many, while TwinRed knows how to improve their quality. Learn 7 tips on how to make video ads on our platform better. Lights, camera, action!


Basics for a head start

Much like anything else, it is best to start with the fundamentals when it comes to video ads. First off, there is an industry standard for video skip offset, which is 5 seconds. So this means you have a captive audience for 5 seconds before they can hit the skip button.

Basic tip #1: use every millisecond of the 5-second time window to lure in and retain the user — that’s all the time you have to make an impact.

Basic tip #2: remember that the call-to-action (CTA) button is critical. CTA must be in the limelight throughout the video, with an additional highlight in the end. CTA text ought to be succinct: powerful, precise, and brief. Here are a few examples:

  • Text & get laid (dating)
  • Meet the girls in your area (dating)
  • Watch her live now (cams)


Good experience makes for a happy user

Good user experience (UX) depends on the comfort one feels while interacting with your ad. Assuring the fundamentals above and complementing them with a personal touch should make your pre-rolls to truly stand out.

UX tip #1: make sure the welcome mat is in the user’s own language. Videos in a native tongue have been outperforming non-localized siblings, so far.

UX tip #2: your living room must match the front door. That is to say, your landing page must match the pre-roll, unless you wish the user to feel misled or in the wrong house. For example, when it comes to webcams, try to link the star of pre-roll to the website of that exact model. When the users’ expectations are met, the conversion rate gains momentum.

UX tip #3: go one step beyond and add some sound effects or music. Making use of audio is crucial for dating and cam ads:

  • Dating works better with music than sounds, as it helps to distinguish it from adult videos
  • Dating ad tempo benefits from different kinds of music, e.g., romantic jazz complements sensual videos and hard rock suits hardcore stuff
  • Dating ad with a storyline makes a bigger impact when music is mixed with some arousal sounds
  • Webcam popularity comes from its “on air” character, which is why exclamations and sighs of the models work better
  • Webcam ads can capitalize on music if it matches the ambiance; the cozy fluffiness of striptease can benefit from lounge, jazz, or other relaxing genre
  • Webcam live performance can be ruined with music overlapping — be careful when combining them together


Tiny details for the most impact

Besides making a simply good video, you need to make sure it is framed properly. You might be exceptionally gifted and creative, but that’s no excuse to ignore the formalities. Once they are met, your videos become not just impactful but comfortable to work with — making a good impression on publishers is crucial for long-term relationships.

Finessing tip #1: never neglect A/B testing. We all know that split-testing is a must for any creatives if you want to achieve peak performance, and video ads are no exception. Need some ideas? You can compare head-on the following alternatives:

  • Video text: logo vs. logo-free
  • CTA location: at the bottom center vs. in the top right corner
  • Dating visuals: an undressed woman vs. a couple
  • CTA text: “Free registration” vs. “Local hookups”
  • Cams visuals: pre-recorded videos vs. live shows
  • CTA text: “See what she can do” vs. “Watch her live”

Finessing tip #2: keep in mind that any pre-rolls at TwinRed are standardized. Therefore, make sure the technical requirements are met: 

  • Resolution: 1920×1080 or 1280×720
  • File format: .mp4 or VAST tag
  • Maximum size: 4 MB
  • Maximum duration: 40 seconds (25-30s is optimal)
  • Maximum skip offset: 5 seconds

Do you still have questions? Let’s resolve them together. Video ads can be highly addictive, and we have a bunch of insights and vast expertise on how to make them better.

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