How publishers grow their audiences with TwinRed retargeting pixels

How publishers grow their audiences with our retargeting pixels

Patience is a virtue and the key to overcoming adversity; this applies to marketing campaigns as well. Some things just take time: you can plant a whole forest of apple trees in one night, but you won’t get apples overnight. Likewise, your users might be reluctant to add your website to their bookmarks at first, but it doesn’t mean you should give up on those who bounced out. On the contrary, keep retargeting in mind, but execute it in a smart way. After all, retargeting is always cheaper than straight up acquiring — yet, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Read how TwinRed helps you to tip the scales in your favor, when it comes to gaining users’ loyalty.


TwinRed’s retargeting pixels

A retargeting pixel is a snippet of embedded code that enables a publisher to segment their website visitors into specific groups and then seek them out when they are on different websites. TwinRed’s retargeting pixels are behavior-sensitive, so you can set’em up the way you want to pinpoint your ideal user behavior. Once you figure out those who are likely to return, you can retarget the users to nudge them into coming back and adding your website to their favorites. This is a go-to solution to increase your share of direct traffic, appraised for its quality.

Most publishers face an undesirably high bounce rate when purchasing traffic for their websites, with subsequent negative ROI. Retargeting grants you a second chance to collect those bouncers, which are left out otherwise. With the help of retargeting, you can sway otherwise hesitant users to your side.


Retargeting importance

With the help of precise retargeting, you can save up to 44% on your Cost per Acquisition. Moreover, your website is no longer an uncharted territory for the retargeted users, which is why they might be inclined to spend more than a freshly generated visitor. Long story short, a committed customer is the definition of direct traffic, which is probably the best traffic you can ever get — these users want your content, and they want it badly.

There are plenty of ways to increase your traffic inflow: SEO tweaks, buying traffic from referral sites, or even purchasing popunders from an ad network like TwinRed. However, the ultimate goal of any wise publisher is to turn as much of this traffic as possible into direct, loyal visitors. This is where retargeting comes in handy, so that the users bookmark your website and revisit it directly.


Common behavioral patterns to retarget

Ideal user behavior comprises multiple patterns. Covering them all can be tedious, which is why we’ll settle for the most common examples of the wanna-be retargeted behavioral patterns:

  • Spending some time on the website, like 2 minutes and more
  • Watching a couple of videos
  • Looking through a series of pages
  • Clicking on the navigation elements
  • Demonstrating interest in a specific category

Obviously, your users got interested in all these cases, it’s just… they might be lacking something to add your website to their bookmarks. Give them a bit of attention by reintroducing your website to them. In the age of “infobesity” they might have simply forgotten about your website, but there is nothing to be offended about. Instead, try retargeting these users in the future, they might have made up their minds a bit later.

As time goes on, your userbase will start snowballing (do you remember about an upcoming Christmas?). Retargeting them is the way to save huge on acquisition cost and get your ROI back in black. Moreover, you will be able to run ultra-specific ads with the help of our retargeting pixels, which is a boon for UX. Finally, you can make it very personal when contacting your former visitors again — retain your users like a boss.

If you wish to learn more how to drive traffic to your websites efficiently — make sure to contact our specialists. TwinRed cares for its publishers & advertisers and fosters this union for mutual growth. As they say, one for all, and all for one.

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