How can I schedule my ads to run at a certain day and time?

At TwinRed we have time and day targeting options available, you can find it under Campaign > Placement > Schedule.

First, you have to select time zone to display: it can be Site Visitor’s Local Time Zone or UTC time zone:

  • Site Visitor’s Local Time zone specifies that the visitor’s time zone is used to control the timing of ad visibility. This feature is not available for several TwinRed premium sites so for grabbing the most traffic we recommend only using UTC Time Zone for day-parting.
  • UTC time zone will restrict ads to only run during these specific hours regardless of what time it is for the site visitor. If your product performs best on certain days of the week or time of day, you can choose exactly when you want your ads seen. 

If you’re unsure of what time to run your campaign, we recommend targeting all time options and using reporting and analytics to learn more. You can always return and limit your placement times later.

Any questions?

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