At TwinRed we do our best to ensure our network is compliant and safe, however if you believe a website is infected with malware or an ad is malicious, please report it to us sending an email to with the following information so we can take all the necessary action in the shortest possible time:

  • Date & Time of the incident
  • Description of the incident (user behaviour, malware alert, abusive ad, non-compliant ad,……)
  • Problematic URL
  • Country where the user was connected when the incident happened
  • Device
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Relevant screenshots (from the complaining end-user, from the antivirus, …….)

We also suggest you to use the following link that will list all ad ID’s that we have detected as running on your device: Please note that this link must be triggered on the exact device and browser where the problematic ad appeared.