What targeting options do you offer?

On our platform you can target by:

  • Format:

We currently have the following formats available:

  1. Popunders (known as Leave Behind in our platform)
  2. Banners
  3. Interstitials
  4. Video Ads (Pre-roll, Out-stream, Slider, Post-roll) 
  5. Native Ads 
  6. Push Notifications (Classic & In-Page) 


  • Country:

With this feature you have the option to target:

  1. Single Country
  2. Multiple Countries
  3. Worldwide
  4. Use one our templates (Tier 1 – Tier 2 – Tier 3)


  • Technology Targeting:


Desktop | Mobile | Tablet

Operating Systems:

Android | iOs | OS X | Windows | Others


Chrome | Firefox | Internet Explorer | Microsoft Edge | Opera | Safari | WebView | Others

You can run your offer with open targeting (so targeting all of the above) or just select the ones that suits better your offer. Then, with the help of our statistics, you can optimise your placement by adding/removing these targeting options, depending on what you see is working best!


  • IP ranges and ISP’s:

This works for IPs from mobile carriers and internet service providers. You can also select to run only on wifi. 
We support IPv4 format.


  • Language targeting:

With this feature, you can target the user’s language directly. You have the option to target multiple languages, exclude languages, or run on all browser languages. 


  • Time Zone:

This feature is perfect if you want your ad to be displayed just at certain times.

You can either use the option: “Site Visitors Local Time Zone” to schedule your ad to run on the country time zone you are targeting, or use “UTC Time Zone” and manually calculate the hours you want your ad to show.

Please note that we recommend using “UTC Time Zone” as not all of the zones support “Site Visitors Local Time Zone”.


  • Site targeting:

Here is where you have the opportunity to choose the sites you want your ads to run on.

You can find all the available sites per format in your “Marketplace” tab on your dashboard. “Follow the Star” to see all our premium / TwinRed exclusive sites in your site targeting list!


  • Zone targeting:

This option is used for our banner & native formats, so  you can target different ad zones directly when creating the placement. 


  • Retargeting (Behavioural targeting):

With this feature you can collect data and target any custom behaviours for increased conversion rates. Look for “How does behavioural targeting work” for more details. 


  • Sexual Orientation:

Choose whether you would like to target Straight / Gay / Transgender sexual orientations.


Any questions?

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you personally. Contact us via the following contact form .


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