New opportunities in online advertising. TwinRed talk at AVS April 2020

We are happy to share with you a video of the expert talk given by our CEO Peter Rabenseifner at the Affiliate Virtual Summit that was held at the end of April.

The talk focused on new opportunities in the online advertising space and covered two major topics: a new web interstitial ad format as an alternative to pop-under traffic and retargeting cross markets — adult and non-adult.



Key takeouts:

Interstitial ads

  • Google recently has started to flag pop-unders as a bad user experience
  • Some of the biggest websites in the world have already stopped serving pop-unders
  • That is only the beginning of a global pop-under raid, mainstream sites are also on the radar
  • Webmasters lose a substantial part of their profits ( around 70% of the visitors use Chrome browser)
  • In March 2020, TwinRed introduced Interstitial ads to replace pop-unders
  • The full-page interstitial ads are similar to pop-unders but fully compliant with the regulations
  • Interstitial ads both work for desktop and mobile devices with similar CTR and performance in general
  • Interstitial ads are a fresh yet not-competitive ad format to take advantage of
  • Best verticals: dating, cams, VOD, games


Retargeting cross markets

  • TwinRed ad network and ad exchange supports cross markets retargeting 
  • TwinRed uses behavior retargeting that tracks any user behavior on any landing page and collects the data
  • Account managers create a pixel depending on your tracking needs
  • Pixels can be easily integrated in 3 different ways: js script, image pixel, iframe
  • Highly effective for mainstream campaigns — TwinRed allows you to reach your mainstream traffic again on adult sites and use your data twice
  • Expensive mainstream campaigns become more profitable
  • More complex marketing funnels can be built
  • Retargeting on adult sites allows you to use more aggressive creatives and angles 


TwinRed is always at the cutting edge of marketing technology and we are always happy to share our experience and expertise with fellow affiliate marketers and everyone involved. 


                                                                                                                           TwinRed team

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