Top Adult Websites Stop Serving Popunders in Chrome. TwinRed has the alternative to it.

What happened?

It has come to our knowledge that the top adult websites (including top 100 Alexa sites), as well as many other medium- and small sized websites in the same industry, have recently stopped serving popunders completely in the Chrome browser due to the Google Abusive Ads Report.

A spokesperson said that the adult vertical is only the beginning of a global raid on popunders.

With up to 60/70 percent of total usage share of web browsers (according to different estimations), Chrome is by far the most popular tool to browse the web on the planet.

It’s very hard to predict exact revenue losses for webmasters who were serving popunders, but it is going to have a serious impact on their income.


What is our response? 

Peter Rabenseifner, TwinRed CEO, states:”Google banning popunders as abusive user experiences has been a threat for years within our industry. Since our ad-network was specialized in serving popunders, we took this topic seriously from the beginning and started working on alternatives. The biggest goal, said Rabenseifner, was to offer a revenue stream to our publishers that will help them to substitute the income previously generated by popunders. After carefully considering all options we decided to tailor a solution around full page interstitials for Chrome that are fully compliant with the Better Ads Standards and should generate significant revenues whilst at the same time offering a powerful ad format for our advertisers.” 

TwinRed Sales Director, Anna Blaivas, is equally excited about the new format: “We did not only develop this ad-format like other networks did. With my background of working with publishers for years we tried to think further and came up with tailored solutions for the specific needs of each publisher. Via our platform there are a lot of options for customization of this ad-format. Our solution includes disabling popunders from the Chrome browser and implementing the interstitial format where publishers can choose custom triggers, can adjust the layout, the text, close buttons and even add their own branding to ensure a high level user experience. Furthermore we focus on educating our advertisers on how to design their interstitial creatives and landing pages in order to maximise their results from this format. Further developments to the interstitial format include randomizing the position of the exit button and text in order to increase the conversion rates without hurting the user experience..”


What is an interstitial ad exactly?

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that cover the interface. They appear between web pages during navigation from one page to another and are triggered by user clicks. Interstitial ads are embedded into the user experience of a website. They are very effective and provide a high click-through rate. An interstitial ad page uses the same creative as a popunder and is therefore easy to get started with. It can have a countdown but it is mandatory to provide a dismissal button immediately.



How to implement interstitial ads to your website?

To enable interstitial ads in Chrome on your website, you need to implement our fully Google-compliant script and we will start to monetize your inventory. Full customizable options are available in the backend, so please reach out to your account manager for the full array of interstitial settings.

Contact publishing@twinred.com to get your script today.


How to try our new format?

If you want to be among the first to take advantage of this new format and test Chrome interstitial traffic, please reach out directly to your account manager or email advertising@twinred.com in order to gain access to our exclusive inventory.

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