Trends in affiliate marketing and digital advertising 2022

The year is 2022 and the advertising business is growing ever-stronger and more products and businesses are discovering all the opportunities the Internet has to offer. But what is in store for those mastering the unique craft of traffic monetization? Let’s try and strike the next gold mine of traffic. 


The Internet Evolves, so should You

With new internet startups coming and going, some things stay the same. The people who come there. 

They come for the exact same reasons as 5, 10 and 15 years ago, even the content they come to consume stays the same. However, what is different is the ads market, which couldn’t be further from the Wild West it once was. 

With Google’s almighty grasp on the 70% of users with Chrome, publishers now have to submit to the will of the once “don’t be evil” corporation, which with its strikes only forges the already proven advertising formats into something better:
Pop-ups turned into interstitials (does anyone really miss the bombardments of pops?)
The banners can’t be really fiddled with, and the native ads seem to be prospering as we hear more and more advertising networks launching IPOs while providing the ever-growing volume of traffic. 

And all the ads got leaner, and for that only better (loading speed was always an issue).

As the technical side of the internet and online advertising evolve, so should your marketing efforts. Pay close attention to your competitors with spy-tools, improve the quality of your creatives and copy, and keep coming up with new angles and approaches.


A Good Product is Always in Season

Products and offers are a near and dear thing for every affiliate, and all of them essentially stay the same. They just get new packaging and distribution.

We can say that it is so trendy to run Nutra in spring and dating during the cold lonely winter nights (both proven to give a boost in CR), but in the end, it all comes to the affiliate’s own unique approach and skill set. 

However, there is a rule that works every time: new is always better. It applies to everything, so never shy away from testing out new offers and verticals, new formats and creatives, as new offers tend to show better CR and actually help you learn new approaches and master new marketing funnels.  

Once you are sure that you’ve mastered a certain ad format, try running a new offer, or vice versa. The advertising landscape and consumer needs change way quicker than seasons, and you should be on the lookout for the best possible combination of traffic and offer, it may not be as obvious as you’d like, so you’d may have to test native for gambling and push for cams and then dating with pops and so on. Thankfully, you always have the help of your managers, who are in the thick of it and ready to share some insight. 


Ad Format of Choice

If you are still uncertain about what to run, then you’d better expand your horizons or try your luck in other industries, as you should understand one thing: everyone is ready to pay for your traffic. 

iGaming is booming all over the world. Crypto projects are launched every hour, magic pills and exciting games are being developed, and every single one of those enterprises is reliant on customers that you have the unique ability to provide.

And the best part — about 90% of the aforementioned products are restricted one way or another in the walled gardens of FB, Google and TT. Those who run affiliate offers in the walled gardens require entire teams of people and vast infrastructure in order just to launch the campaign, just ask anyone running FB about their last adventure with setting up and launching a campaign. 

The good thing is that those platforms did a lot of testing for us, and the golden standard of modern ads was born, and it is a Pre-roll. A simple, short, catchy, informative pre-roll. No matter the vertical, this format shows the best results and brings advertisers the highest ROI.


Give it 101%

It’s never enough just to set up, launch and stop a campaign to truly succeed in affiliate marketing. With growing competition in the field, savvy affiliates rely on every tool available, after all, they are created to make the most of every click and impression delivered.

For every advertising format, there are tools and methods that can make it even more effective. For some, it may be audience segmentation after a “wide” test (you can learn more about your audience just by sorting through the categories of users’ interests provided by publishers and that can give your campaign just the edge to reach profitability). For some verticals and approaches, retargeting may work wonders (people’s interest can be reignited and with the right creative you can still catch the lead and make the conversion), and never-ever should you forget to collect all the data possible, so you can build your own push database (it’s just a single string of code for your prelander) and collect emails, so you can have a traffic source of your own. 

And the hottest trend in affiliate marketing is cooperation — reach out to your account managers and colleagues, to forum admins and designers that have just finished the 1000th creative you’ve ordered, ask for feedback, and you just may see the new way you can improve each and every aspect of your campaigns. No matter the trend, we are always here for you. 


Yours truly, TwinRed.


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