What to do at Christmas? — Launch campaigns with TwinRed!

Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s almost Christmas time! A time of joy, generosity, and even a lil’ bit of magic. May all your campaigns always stay in black, your budgets be limitless, and your determination be stronger than fate.

Just like Santa, we see all the good that our hardworking elves have done. And also, just like Santa, we keep working throughout the holiday season. Moreover, we even share the same colors with Santa Claus, which is why there is no reason not to like us.

Hop in our sleigh! Christmas can be very profitable because people stay online more, respond to the ads better, and are more indulgent overall. We’re about to tell you how to profit during Christmas, what you should be aware of, and why working with TwinRed gives you a competitive advantage.


We’re happy to have you in the TwinRed family

We’re happy to have you in the TwinRed family

Every partner on TwinRed is like a family member to us. Regardless of the season, our heartfelt love and appreciation for your work are evergreen, like the Christmas tree. Unlike Santa, we can’t travel around the world to see you all, so in lieu of that, we can still wish you our sincere season greetings. Indeed, even though we can’t get together with you all, you are still family.

Family matters are important, which is why we encourage you to get together with your loved ones. However, we also know that offering them a present or two can light up their hearts with joy. This is why we invite you to launch a couple of campaigns on TwinRed. Christmas traffic can be very plentiful and of supreme quality, so why not take advantage of its potential and fill your stockings to the brim with presents?


Harness the power of Holiday traffic

Reuniting with the nearest and dearest at Christmas feels much better when you can afford to buy anything your loved ones want. Luckily, Christmas is the right time to profit big. However, even though traffic in general grows, the Grinch is in the details, and we are about to reveal all the caveats.

Think twice before launching a campaign on Christmas and it’s Eve. People tend to get together offline, so your ads are less likely to reach them. But by the end of Christmas day, people eventually get back online to watch a couple of videos. Whether they are bored, tired, stressed out, or just lonely — this is your chance to strike up a campaign or two. Strike it while it’s hot with the right kind of offer.

Capitalize on the Christmas ambiance uniqueness. People don’t mind spending more money during this time of year.  Advertisers are aware of this and capitalize on Christmas euphoria by offering hefty discounts and special offers. Take for example LiveJasmin, they are running a contest for the models to make sure they deliver beyond the wildest expectations. No need to think it is limited to dating-related offers, mainstream verticals also become subject to special promos. Think of Xmas as more than just a holiday, it is a conversion booster and shopping-spree instigator.

Don’t be afraid of novelty. Christmas is a time when people want to gift themselves and the loved ones. Users are more than ready to try out new things. Home renovation, traveling, eCommerce, dating, and virtually any vertical starts to convert better, because people are less reluctant to click on ads and try new things. They indulge more, so use this opportunity to experiment with new approaches, GEOs, funnels, and offers.


Tik-tok, tik-tok, TwinRed works like a clock

At TwinRed, we understand one thing — when people get together with their families during Christmas, it is a perfect time to profit big. To make sure your campaigns are active, we will be working for you even during Holidays.

Although we are always here for you 24/7, we might respond a bit slower than usual on December 25th & 26th, but this is only because we’re baking gingerbread and mixing eggnog. Once we’re done, we’ll drink to you and your campaigns! And of course, we’ll get back to business as usual.

All praise to you, ladies & gents, for being with us. Thank you for choosing our ad network & ad exchange. May all your campaigns get approved, pass tests quickly, yield only profit, and make you happy. We work day and night to make sure these wishes come true. Merry Christmas, busy workshop elves.

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