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Easy and cost-effective visuals for your campaigns with our list of tools and web sources.

Creatives are affiliate’s consumables. Everyone would want to cut costs on those, but not at the expense of quality, though. That’s why affiliates often have creatives outsourced to a professional designer.

In this blog post, however, we will talk about how you can make decent visuals on your own. For next to nothing. We are going to share a few noteworthy tools and web services to help you craft eye-catching banners, user-friendly landing pages, and spectacular video ads.

Below are some tips and a library-worth list of useful and reliable resources where you will get access to terabytes of front-rank images, photos, and video footages. There are fantastic fonts, templates, special effects for you to stand out of the crowd. In the DIY section there is a list of design software products that are quite simple to use and rich in their functionality.


Raw materials


The first thing for any visual creatives is raw stuff like images, footages, and other visual elements. Those from Google can get you engaged in copyright infringement. Here is a handful of 100% legal resources for your creative materials.

For GIFs and animated stickers for your banners go to Giphy. For trending stuff, check Gifs subreddit or this Tumblr library.

On Flickr you can find billions of photos, many of which can be used freely thanks to the Creative Commons licence.

Another cool service, Pixabay, is a 100% royalty-free stock with 2.6 million high quality pictures. While Videvo is a generous source of 500 000+ video clips at no cost whatsoever.

Professional designers love Freepik for a huge choice of fonts, templates, backgrounds, and special effects, not to mention tons of stock photos. They are mostly free, but a 9 euro fee grants you endless possibilities within the service.

Looking for something top class? Check out these two libraries: Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. Pretty much anything a creator might need is there for around 30$ a month.


DIY – Do it Yourself


Once you’ve secured yourself decent assets you can pass on to quality design software.  And yes, we believe that nearly all your creative needs can be met with your own two hands.

For instance, Canva and Supa are two much-loved web-based services, the first being an all-purpose graphic design app, and the other — a professional video maker. They both offer a staggering set of tools free of charge and quite affordable subscriptions for advanced use. With these services, you can realise any creative idea you’ve come up with, video pre-rolls included.

As for the downloadable apps, Bazart and Inshot (available both in the App Store and Google Play) are the right choice for you to unleash your creativity. Both with your desktop and mobile campaigns. While simple enough, they are very advanced in terms of what you can do.

Adobe Express (our favourite) is a one-stop workshop for all your designing needs. Available for every OS possible and in your browser, Adobe Express empowers you to craft any visual creative you can think of, from logos and business cards to any type ads and YouTube banners. Oh, yes, it’s free.

See? Mastering those tools will take some time and effort, but it’s definitely not rocket science.

BTW, depending on the campaign test run, creatives do require to be fixed at times. Should that be the case, you can make any changes to the visuals you’ve made. All without having to bother your designer. Because your own creatives are at your fullest disposal.

So fire ahead and let your artistic side express itself. TwinRed Team is there to help, as ever, just give us a shout.

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