Seasons Come and Seasons Go

No matter what the calendar says, profit is always in season.


In the scorching summers and during freezing winters, one thing stays the same — there is profit to be made if one adapts to the season’s circumstances. Affiliate marketing is no exception, and keeping up with the events has proven to be profitable.


What are seasons in Affiliate Marketing


What we call seasons could be divisions of the year (summer promotion), holidays (Christmas), sales extravaganzas (Black Friday week), sports events (The Olympics), or even new product releases (think of a new iPhone coming out every fall), or a movie (a new season of your favourite show). The list goes on and on and on, and every country has a slew of their own high-profile events. 


Those events influence the demand and increase the traffic, be it in the shopping centres or the online stores. And that’s exactly what we are looking for!


As marketers, we should adapt our campaigns for these seasonal events and profit from it. People call it seasonal marketing. It doesn’t matter what it is called, we are here to use it.


So, where do we start?


A hot Date


There are dozens of holidays happening every day all over the world, but not that many generate traffic and sales, and not all events are universally suitable for all campaigns. 


Christmas is of little help if you run app instals in Qatar. In case you specialise in sports betting, then probably Valentine’s Day is not your biggest bet, but the Super Bowl is just the date you want to mark in your calendar. 


Nota Bene: people who are feeling lucky usually are ready to spend a few bucks spinning slots, then the bets are off, and it’s time to wait.


And each country has events of its own. Here’s a short list of the holidays where retail is king. 


For every vertical, there is a season or a date to look out for: 

Sweeps are in bloom once the Tech Giants release a brand-new smartphone/laptop or a TV.

Dating performs  great just before the token romantic holiday of the nation.

Some holidays were invented just to sell stuff, and Black Friday isn’t the only one.

Some dates are just a flavourful promotion hook, something green and Irish for St. Patty’s and pink and lovely for Valentine’s.


And remember there is always summer somewhere and someone is looking to slender up 🙂 


But of course, adapt the creatives according to the occasion,


Preparation is Key


Even when you know the date and time, then you are ready to set up your campaigns, and there are things to consider in advance. 


First: start your campaign beforehand, as the entire yield of crops can’t be harvested in one day, same applies to your marketing campaigns. Set them up in advance and run them in the days preceding the holiday of your choice, that way you can catch more leads and have some time to actually optimize the campaigns once the festivities begin. 


Look for the inspiration in the past, literally. Check out the campaigns you’ve run in the previous years, analyse the trends from the prior year with Google Trends (which is a great tool for keeping track of populous interests).


Don’t neglect other people’s experience and expertise — use spy tools and look up case studies to expand your arsenal. AdPlexity is the tool that provides the most coverage by source, but in the end it all depends on the traffic source you are working with, as each has its own quirks. 


Last but not least — reach out to your AM in advertising and affiliate networks! They are always there to share some experience and help you make the most of every penny you spend on traffic.


 Need some help on identifying the best seasons for your needs? Give us a shout, we have lots of experience and knowledge to share.


Always yours, The Twinred team

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