Enhance Your Funnel Precision with Three-Event Multi-Tracking

Bullseye target representing the accuracy and precision of Three-Event Multi-Tracking in enhancing marketing funnels

Squeeze out more data and save on the costs with multiple conversion events tracking feature.

Testing is a keystone of any successful campaign, and a wise affiliate regards their ad spending as an investment in data. What if you could obtain more information to make best informed decisions and save money? Well, that would be even wiser.

Here in this article we will delve into TwinRed’s Multiple Conversion Events feature and how it can help you get more accurate data to make better decisions upon. Once optimized, your tests will come out smarter and cheaper, which will pay off with a shrewder ad budget allocation. As a result, your whole campaign will gain in effectiveness.

The usual testing approach suggests that the affiliate tracks just the final conversion, spending 1–1.5 offer payouts on initial testing. It’s okay with low budget campaigns, but when testing a high-benefit offer you will have to verify hundreds of traffic sources. With each costing a few hundred bucks, the testing turns out quite pricey.


Multiple Conversion Events 101


At TwinRed, we offer our clients a feature named Multiple Conversion Events. It empowers the advertisers to track up to 3 events throughout the funnel.

Imagine you are about to launch a casino ad campaign. Sure enough, you will track the Final Conversion (Deposit) to measure the whole campaign. But you can go beyond that.

With our feature, you can immediately know how many users opted in and how many of them confirmed their emails. Then you just blacklist those non-performing websites at an earlier stage. Indeed, why keep on testing the sources that bring you no signups? With that cleared off, you can focus on looking for the good traffic sources to bring you real conversions and profit. The feature can save you quite a fair amount of your testing budget, because you don’t test just one source, but hundreds of them.

As for the technical part of the matter, the Multiple Conversion Events feature is carried out through server-to-server tracking (S2S). It is the most secure, reliable and accurate method of tracking conversions. All the necessary information set by the advertiser is passed back in the URL itself. All it takes is adding two more macros to the tracking URL, no cookies or pixels used.


Picking the conversion events to track


That depends on the specifics of your campaign. However, in most cases, it’s the most informative to track:

  • Conversion 1 – SOI (Sign Up)
  • Conversion 2 – DOI (Email Confirmation)
  • Conversion 3 – Purchase/Deposit

If applicable to your case, we advise that for the conversion event 1 you always track Single-Opt Ins and optimize them accordingly. For the conversion event 2 you may use the DOI to estimate two things: first, if there is any inflated traffic at the SOI; second, if there is a weak link in your conversion chain. For the conversion event 3 you could naturally track the target conversion event, i.e., Purchase/Deposit.

Again, it’s only a typical example. The ultimate decision is up to you.


Summing up the Multiple Conversion Events


The more data points you can collect on the traffic you are buying, the more data driven and informed decisions you are able to make. And the better returns you may generate when buying media at scale. Having different conversion events set up for testing allows a wise affiliate to collect a lot of data.

Be one step ahead and use our Multiple Conversion Events feature. It’s simple. As always, we are there to break down your marketing funnel and lend you a hand while deciding on what events to track. And we’ll be glad to help you set up the tracking of your choice, too. Because we care.



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