A compilation of psychological triggers for digital marketing from TwinRed

The power of psychological triggers to boost your marketing efficiency

Humans are subject to bounded rationality, i.e., they act reasonably within their knowledge span. Once you go beyond that rim, people will start to succumb to instincts, emotions, and impulses, without even knowing why. Marketers capitalize on this irrationality and have developed a couple of cognitive tricks, aimed at nudging the clients to complete a desirable action.

In this article, we have compiled some of the coolest field-tested tricks, which you can start implementing today already. We will start by making an irresistible first impression and gradually dig deeper into the most sophisticated mind hacks for you to exploit. Is it dark sorcery, and can you get banned for it? Nothing of the kind! It’s something rooted deeply in our brains, and you’re trying to let nature do its thing.

Anyway, besides naming the tricks and explaining how they work, we will provide some examples of their implementation. Most notably, we’ll go through LiveJasmin marketing tricks, which get the job done and help the website stay on top of the game. Scroll down for more info, if you feel knowledge-hungry — it’s time to cast some magic.


Fear as part of consumer psychology

Twinred The power of psychological triggers to boost your marketing efficiency

You have just a few seconds to make a strong first impression. It all starts with the framing effect, where the same message can win the user’s favor or spook them out. Compare: 8 out of 10 users recommend vs. only 2 out of 10 users don’t recommend. The former conveys the idea of gain, while the latter instills doubt.

People are loss-aversive by nature. They’d rather hang on to something tried and true instead of obtaining a brand-new alternative. People always own something, e.g., a chance, opportunity, or shot. Your job is to remind them that it can be lost at any time and to encourage them to take action.

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is based on loss aversion. People can’t stand seeing how their peers benefit from a product or service without taking action themselves. If 8 out of 10 users recommend something, why should I be left out and possibly fall behind?

And if the advertised product is highlighted to be scarce, people will want to join the elite community of fortunate owners. Scarcity is what drives the luxury market, so if you have an expensive financial offer or something not-so-affordable, like an Apple gadget or NFT — this trick is a must.


Win the customers’ attention and minds

Win the customers’ attention and minds

Notice how we dedicated a whole section to fear-related tricks — this is an act of clustering. When building a landing page, try to stack up all your features & benefits in the same section and then follow them up with in-depth info right away. This way, closely-related clusters are placed next to each other, so that your users are more likely to remember your message and purchase from you.

People tend to remember the gist of your message, rather than the exact words, which is labeled the verbatim effect. If your header does serve as a summary, then your message is more likely to pop into one’s mind. It is also useful for page scanning, saves the users’ time, and improves their attitude toward you.

If you’ve successfully created a long-lasting first impression, you’ll get an added boon of frequency illusion. This is when people start noticing your brand everywhere after being exposed to it. Frequency illusion gives you additional influence points because your brand is perceived as more omnipresent than it is.

Complement this illusion of omnipresence with genuine frequent advertising. With every new impression, even mediocre ads & landers start to draw attention and stick in memory. This is how mere exposure theory works.


Gain their trust

Twinred Gain their trust

Whether it’s a unique financial product, all-around nutra, or curvaceous cams — your product must command credibility. Leverage the power of social proof and encourage the already existing customers to share their testimonials, reviews, and user-generated content. This modern word-of-mouth is, probably, the best recommendation for your product.

On top of that, collaborate with an opinion leader or industry expert for additional credibility points — this is called the appeal to authority. Some opinions are just held higher than others, and people don’t need any justification when seeing them.

When presenting a user with purchasing options, try to capitalize on the anchoring effect. People use the first thing they see as the reference point. So, you can either put the product to be sold first, for the users to return later; or you can start with an overpriced knock-off so that your actual product looks even more attractive.

Comparing fictional overpriced products against the ones to be sold is a case of the decoy effect. Sometimes, adding a fictional overpriced item for head-on comparison can shift the customer preferences in your favor. This is a great way of doing follow-up campaigns. For example, you can sell a subscription for $49, an adult toy for $149, or both for $149. Those who were only for a subscription at first might be swayed by this tempting combo offer.


Respect the customer’s feelings

Twinred Respect the customer’s feelings

Every funnel part of yours must contribute to your target goal. If a single element doesn’t align with your marketing mission — get rid of that detail to keep everything simple, especially the checkout process. You don’t have to be informative, but you ought to be compelling.

When writing some content, make it relatable and likable. People are prone to buy from brands they are attached to. Nail it by telling your story to make your brand more memorable and vivid. A product with a soul evokes an emotional connection, which is a huge conversion driver.

At any venue, anyone likes to be respected and valued. If you have a user database, consider retargeting the most valuable customers with exclusive secret offers and discounts. Make them feel special with a complimentary newsletter, expressing your gratitude. Remember to personalize the message and compilation of offers with the help of data on previous interactions to demonstrate your genuine care for the user. This kind of follow-up campaign fits nutra and eCommerce offers like a glove.


Learn the tricks from LiveJasmin bonus

How do the marketing hacks work in practice? Meet LiveJasmin, one of the most popular cam websites in the world. We’ll use its Promotions page to reveal some subtle tricks.

LiveJasmin excels at color psychology. The abundance of red tints evokes love, passion, and power. The Promotions page is complemented with 3 sparkling icons, forming the so-called color triad. These gems become integral to the main page thanks to the bright red in the middle.

The commitment is built slowly but steadily. LiveJasmin does not ask to buy credits flat out. Instead, it accentuates free access with the yellow color in the top right corner.

Freebies and discounts encourage reciprocity. “Join Now for FREE” and “3 Free Messages” — are two examples of free offers, which the user can accept. Free trials, samples, and valuable content for potential customers — they all encourage the sense of returning a favor by making a purchase. If you have an iGaming offer, think about giving free spins to lure the users in.

These freebies are limited. LiveJasmin highlights that these 3 colorful sections above contain limited-time offers by deliberately labeling them this way and adding a timer. Including a race against the clock is a good way to spur impulse buying.

Reward System. Use loyalty programs or gamification to make the user feel respected and incentivize them to repeat purchases. LiveJasmin, for instance, rewards its big spenders with the “Casanova” title on their profile, which is visible to everyone.

Bandwagon effect. This is where LiveJasmin uses the award system to showcase the most popular models. Showing how many people use your product or service appeals to the herd instinct rooted deep inside humans. In the case of LJ specifically, users might want to spend more because they don’t want to see their favorite model falling behind the others.

These are all the tricks for today. Think about a little pre-marketing hype to improve their efficiency even further. Should you have any questions left — contact our support team to address them all. And remember, TwinRed is by your side 24/7.

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