Help the target land in your funnel with a pre-lander.

Pre-landers are the link page between the initial ad that a user clicks on and the landing page which you want to bring them to. Pre-landers should be captivating and engaging, something that enthralls the audience and gets them ready for that conversion down the line. The pre-lander should elaborate on the product or service that is being provided so that the target user has more confidence when they do arrive at the landing page.

Pre-lander, as the name suggests, is a creative put right between an advertisement and a landing page. The user clicks on the link, sees some content of interest, e.g., an article or video, and then gets engaged into going down the funnel. Unlike the offer page, it does not necessarily contain an explicit call-to-action, but instead it nudges the user into a certain action.


Prepare for the pre-lander

While being effective, pre-landers do require some tender loving care. So let’s find out how to maximize their use and make your conversion fire blaze! Practical implementation, customization, optimization; we will go over all of this today so that you unleash the beast of this handy tool, TwinRed style.

Using a pre-lander properly will prepare the user for the final landing page, and in turn result in a higher conversion rate. So there is an incentive to have a pre-lander and design it right. If you put in the work, you can reap the rewards. 

Pre-lander pros:

An overwhelming majority of the funnels rely on pre-landers, as they are a core component for engaging the user and facilitating conversions. Pre-landers can serve several purposes:

  • Catching the user’s attention with an engaging UX
  • Warming up the audience and pique their interest
  • Elaborating on the product or service, letting them know what’s up
  • Accumulating a user base for follow-up campaigns

The right pre-lander is, probably, the main conversion driver, since this is where the interest of the user sparks and either burns up or pours out. Moreover, pre-landers allow for a very precise audience segmentation, since the unique selling proposition can be framed the way the affiliate likes. The marketer can inform about every product detail, deemed important, to enhance the user experience (UX). When the pre-lander matches the landing page appearance and layout, the UX goes through the roof, especially if A/B testing is not neglected.

Pre-lander cons:

Despite the aforementioned advantages, pre-landers might possess some shortcomings. Specifically, pre-landers require more effort to be done properly. When done improperly, they can alienate the users instead of winning them out, due to the abundance of flattery and insincerity. When it comes to tracking the conversions, pre-landers add a step to the funneling, which complicates the attribution process and might increase loading time. Finally, a poorly designed pre-lander can kill even the best landing pages, simply because the users will bounce before seeing the offer itself.

Verdict on pre-landers:

Nonetheless, whichever vertical you specialize in, consider using pre-landers in your funnels. They help to garner trust and improve the credibility of your campaigns. Besides warming up the users, they are helpful for filtering out the uninterested ones, enticing the user’s engagement and spurring more conversions. This results in better conversion rates and improved metrics. Just make sure to invest enough time and effort in pre-landers, so they can pay out the dividends in return. A neat pre-lander is like oil to your conversion fire.


Pre-landers put to practice

Unlike offer pages, the affiliate has ultimate control over the structure of a pre-lander. This is where the affiliate can fully unleash their creativity and reel in the user with handcrafted bait. For instance, an article about male enhancers with a satisfied wife can lure in more prospects than a simple landing page describing the product features. Customizing is not limited to design and visuals alone. Pre-landers also allow you to use custom scripts and experiment with the layouts to fine-tune every tiny element of the funnel that can deliver exceptional results.

However, pre-landers can vary in quality. For improvement, try complementing yours with the LIFT framework, which can be found on our blog. Long story short, this involves focusing on 6 key elements: value proposition, relevance, clarity, urgency, lowering anxiety, and minimizing distractions.

  • Add a countdown timer to enforce the fear of missing out (FOMO).
  • Include customer reviews and other social proofs to gain more trust.
  • Keep in mind that the user could not care less about your fancy product, stuffed with bells and whistles. The user looks for a solution to their problems, so make sure to give them one.

Pre-lander pitfalls to avoid

Most pitfalls are caused by failing to observe the guidelines from the LIFT framework, e.g., flashy design and byzantine structure can be very repulsive. Keep everything plain and simple: easy-to-read fonts, up to 5 colors, item categorizing, and simple wording. Even seamlessly integrated advertorials are better off when kept short and concise.

Following these tips will render quicker load times, which is very important for maintaining good UX. Make sure to place the pre-lands on the servers, close to your GEO of choice for the page loading speed to be blitz-like, unless you are fine with losing a portion of traffic.



Pre-landers can be a powerful tool to improve the performance of your marketing funnel. They serve various purposes, such as catching the user’s attention, warming up the audience, elaborating on the product or service, and accumulating a user base for follow-up campaigns.

However, pre-landers require additional time and money to be done properly, and poorly designed pre-landers can alienate users instead of engaging them. The key is to invest enough time and effort in pre-landers, following the LIFT framework and avoiding common pitfalls. When done correctly, pre-landers can be the main conversion driver, enhancing the user experience and resulting in better conversion rates and improved metrics.

Should you need some help with pre-landers or anything else, feel free to drop us a line. Our job is to make your profit roll in like an avalanche.

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