New office and more space for our growing crew

In 2022, we found a new location for our company. We still are enamored with the office, but lately, we’ve realized that it lacks sufficient space for our growing family. The time has come to increase the square meterage of our headquarters to house both TwinRed and A.W. Empire.

And that’s exactly what we did… and it was a success! Same building — same prime location, only bigger! Don’t worry, we gave the office a crash test bash to ensure it could withstand a proper bash.

It is our business to inspire growth… office space, profits, and otherwise. Check out our photos now and drop us a line if you want to see even more. This is our CTA to you, the offer is perfectly free for all our TwinReaders.


How it all started

Twinred's New Office

In the summer of 2022, we moved to our new headquarters in the city center of Barcelona. We had many factors to consider: close to public transport, yet in a quiet neighborhood, with a lot of places to dine out on top of that. As you can guess, it took us some time to pick an ideal spot for our future office.

When we finally found the location, we all fell in love with it. It was obvious that the place was made for us, and we’d regret passing on this opportunity.

A perfect place, but not big enough when we welcomed A.W. Empire into our fold. So, what to do when your family grows and the house is of the same size? Well, add a floor. This year we decided to expand our capacity by acquiring another floor in one of the best office locations in Barcelona. More people and more space, all while being able to stay and work together.


New office — new beginning

Our new office takes what was already good about the home base and amplifies it even further for the comfort of the employees. Everything is completely thought out: a work zone with no distractions, a relaxation area for a top-notch recreation experience, and a large dining room to make sure an empty belly doesn’t diminish our productivity. On top of it all, we have a big prestigious board meeting room, which has everything needed for a think-tank.

The common space has expanded as well. Now we have a huge TV projector for movie nights! A benefit for those who burn the midnight oil and want some midnight popcorn.

Special thanks to Adeyaka, our long-standing architect and office renovation partner. We fell in love with our previous office and Adeyaka’s vision, which is why we had no doubts about who would bring our visions to life this time.


Celebrating our moving-in

Adeyaka had done it once, and they did it again! The new spot withstood our inaugural bash and get-togethers.

Indeed, it is a working place without reproach. Despite the festivities, we feel invigorated to push forward professionally to become the number one choice of advertisers and publishers. Don’t take our word for it, just look at these pictures!


Let’s get the job done

Play time’s over, now the real work begins. Having commemorated our moving in, we’re ready to reach new heights of performance marketing. With TwinRed and A.W. Empire specialists by your side, your chances to profit big grow exponentially, thanks to our exclusive traffic sources and their engaging offers.

Contact us for assistance if you need any help, stay tuned to our social media to learn all the latest news first, and let’s keep up the good work together.

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