Improve CR of creatives with the new framework from TwinRed, designed for affiliate marketing, and learn why A/B testing is important TwinRed

Improve CR of creatives with the new framework from TwinRed, designed for affiliate marketing, and learn why A/B testing is important

In the bustling world of affiliate marketing, every click holds the promise of unlocking untold riches. But amidst the noise and competition, how does one craft campaigns that not only catch the eye but also capture the hearts of the audience? Enter the PLEASing framework.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what PLEASing stands for, focus on its key elements and highlight the importance of details, go through some applicable verticals, and elaborate on A/B testing importance, which is an integral element of the framework. Let’s get to know how to improve the conversion rate of your creatives.


A framework for higher CR

With years of experience in advertising and through extensive A/B testing, we’ve uncovered a key insight: the most effective advertising campaigns embody the principles of PLEASing. These five principles, which can be counted on one hand, are the strategies for driving engagement and conversions.

  1. Personalized: tailoring content to individual users enhances engagement by fostering a sense of connection. This involves deviating from conventional approaches to offer a more personalized experience. For instance, incorporating the user’s current location or creating the illusion of direct interaction can pique curiosity and offer tailored solutions to their needs.
  2. Localized: adapting content to match users’ linguistic, cultural, and contextual preferences fosters familiarity and trust. Incorporating local language, currency, punctuation norms, and cultural references increases the likelihood of eliciting a response.
  3. Elaborated: experimenting with various design elements such as colors, fonts, layouts, CTAs, and messaging can significantly impact user response. Every aspect of the advertising funnel should serve a distinct purpose, with elements that fail to contribute to the overall objective being discarded.
  4. A/B Tested: even when a funnel is generating revenue, successful campaigns are not the result of a single test but rather a continuous process of refinement and optimization. Ongoing testing and iteration are essential for sustaining success and maximizing performance.
  5. Simple: making streamlined and intuitive landing pages is important. Clear CTAs, easy-to-complete forms, and straightforward navigation contribute to a frictionless user experience (UX). Keeping messaging concise and direct ensures that users understand the value proposition immediately and don’t go elsewhere.

By adhering to these PLEASing principles advertisers can create highly effective campaigns that resonate with their target audience and drive meaningful results.


It PLEASes all verticals

Creating PLEASing content can work well with all types of verticals, especially on platforms like TwinRed. We’ve tested this approach across various sectors such as iGaming, Betting, Cams, and Dating.

iGaming: we found that making things interactive and focusing on what users want, like using their local language, can boost the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of campaigns. This means that when ads feel more like something the user can relate to, they’re more likely to click on them.

Betting: ads that evoke emotions tend to do better than those that just show odds and stats. This tells us that connecting with people’s feelings is important in marketing, no matter what the product is.

Cams: users are looking for genuine connections. Hosting live sessions where users can interact with models tends to get their attention. Conveniently, our partners from A.W. Empire have several promo tools with a live feed, helping to explore what the model is doing before opening a new window.

Dating: personalization is key. Since everyone has different preferences, it’s important to tailor the approach to suit each individual. For example, showing a potential match who lives nearby can increase interest and engagement. Start with the Country Comparison Tool to learn the basics about local culture and design your creatives accordingly.


A/B testing: turning a fiend into a friend

We’ve noticed countless instances where making minor adjustments to color, font, or layout significantly increased user engagement. Predicting what converts and why is often a challenge, but split-testing addresses this uncertainty. The results of split-testing can be astonishing at times.

Although it demands time, effort, and investment upfront, A/B testing yields several key benefits:

  • Data-driven decisions: unlike intuition, tested data provide reliable insights into ad performance.
  • Funnel perfection: A/B testing helps to find the ideal combination of ad format, creative, and your offer page.
  • Ultimate optimization: it helps to individually perfect messages, CTAs, media, and landers, which maximizes your income in the long run.
  • Simplified scaling: you may spend more time at first, but then your data will suggest what works for you, and you won’t have to play guessing games.

Continuous A/B testing forms the backbone of successful PLEASing creatives and landers, characterized by their exceptional performance. Personalized, localized, elaborated, A/B tested, and simple creatives resonate well across any vertical. If you’re experiencing challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to collaborate on finding solutions together.


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